Red Brick MuseumLocated in the heart of downtown Mukwonago, Wisconsin, the Mukwonago Museum was first established in 1967, the Red Brick House was purchased with funds left by Mr. Arthur Grutzmacher. Built in 1842 by original Mukwonago settler Sewall Andrews, the home has been restored to a lovely Victorian house, reminiscent of the post-Civil War period.

For 40 years, community volunteers have staffed the museum, updated rooms, and educated guests in Mukwonago’s history.
Today, the museum’s mission is still strong. Continually involved in renovation of the old house, the museum’s primary goal is to impart a love for history to all who visit this unique Mukwonago attraction.

The home contains two museums. The main museum features authentic artifacts from Mukwonago’s past, including clothing, furniture, dinnerware, quilts and many other items. The museum decorations and furnishings reflect the post civil war period. The Grutzmacher museum contains an entire room devoted to local Native American artifacts such as clothing, furs, beads, pottery, arrowheads, weapons and other items.

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